Embassy Springs Master Plan

The “master plan of Embassy Springs” will be best-in-class. The 300 acres which are available to the developer will house unique structures and water-structures which will soothe the eyes of the developer. Apart from all of these, the Embassy Springs project will inhibit 60% dedicated open space so as to allow sufficient amount of sunlight and fresh air to revitalize each and every resident in the morning so that one can fight the day head-on. The humungous expanse of the lush green expanse is sure to impress one and all. Now a thing that will dazzle you – a total of 32 parks and 7000 trees will dot this township to supplying ample amounts of fresh air. Another fascinating aspect about Embassy Springs is the presence of 7.8 acres of a lakeside promenade and a 5.5 acre sized man-made lake which is sure to sway any resident of his/her feet.

So prepare to be dazzled by the exclusivity of the project once and for all.

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